Linrya Justice Center is now closed

Need a pro bono attorney? Contact Texas Rio Grand Legal Aid to see if you qualify for assistance.


Every adult needs a will, powers of attorney, and directive to physicians. We take an educational approach so clients finish knowing what they have and why.


Linrya Justice Center provides services on a sliding scale based on income. Clients who qualify will pay a fee that is a percentage of a month's income.

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Since 2017

A New Kind of Law Firm ...

Reports tell us of a growing justice gap, a divide between the cost of legal services and ability to pay for those costs. Sliding-scale law firms are a part of the solution and the Linrya Justice Center is proud to be among the first law firms in Texas formed to provide sliding scale and reduced-fee legal services to our middle income neighbors.


Not sure you qualify?

LJC is dedicated to providing affordable wills and powers of attorney for people of modest means. Clients' fees for services are based on income and household size.

If you are considered low income, we encourage you to apply with Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid for free legal services. You are welcome to pay the fee through us for services, but all our pro bono clients come to us through TRLA and Volunteer Legal Services.

If you are looking for more complex trusts and estate planning, we encourage you to visit founder Lindsey Drake at Drake Law or another qualified attorney.