Why should I pay a lawyer when I can get a will online?

An excellent question, and rephrased I’d say you’re asking what value does a lawyer offer that you can’t get from a website. The lawyer gives counsel, advice, and certainty. The lawyer’s value is the guidance to the client: How does the form work? How does it impact you? Whom do you pick and why do you choose one person over the other? When it’s time, what does your agent do for you and how?

The lawyer spends time thinking up what is the worst than can happen and then how can we avoid or decrease the likelihood that it’ll happen. I do the worrying for you and use my experiences with the best and the worst of family fights over a person or a person’s property to help make your plan successful.

Ultimately, I can only do good work for people who value what I do, but I will always make more money off an estate where a person did their own will or left no will at all. Better for the family that you have a solid will and powers of attorney that are attorney-drafted and approved. Leaving your family with a properly written will is your last best gift to them.

Author: linryajustice